Why Angry Cane? In Brazil ‘Angry Cane’, ‘Cana brava’ is a kind of Cane that’s used to create fish nets, handcrafts, and it’s also synonym for Drunk – but it’s the Author Lastname, and he actually doesn’t like to drink. Tomaz Canabrava is a Computer Programmer, having helped quite a few opensource projects around the years, the three most famous opensource projects are the KDE Software Collection, Subsurface and QGroundControl.

As programmer, Tomaz Canabrava had helped the KDE EDu project that boosted free software in Brazil, enabling more than 42.000 public school students to use computers and learn with it for the first time.

Years later he joined Linus Torvalds and Dirk Hohndel (two really old-timers on the opensource and linux world) to boost the Subsurface divelog application, and became the second biggest contributor.

Tomaz has a deep knowledge about C++ and do talks and courses all around the world about programming and related technologies (like Qt) in companies such as Petrobras and Petrosoft, and Universities – Federal University of Bahia, Federal institute of Bahia, Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro, Fluminense Federal University, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Federal University of São Carlos, Unime, Ruy Barbosa College, Paulista University, University of Santa Catarina and many more.