Monthly Munchen KDE Hackaton


The idea is not to hack in complex applications for now, but to integrate wannabe KDE hackers into actually being KDE hackers, so I’ll focus on small tasks at first untill we have a solid base here the same way I did when I joined KDE and had those sessions with Sandro Andrade at the Universities Ruy Barbosa. Also, my german language skills are really weak, I’m also trying to learn some german here and I belive this is a good way to meet people.

Some questions for the Munchen People that are perhaps reading this blog:

  • Any University Professor that want’s to use real software as study cases? I’m willing to help a student group on the getting started process to strength the free software community in munich.
  • Where can I host this montly for free? I know I have my house for that and probably this is where I would host for the first time but I live with more people and I don’t wanna annoy them too much.
  • Anyone willing to setup a Meetup group for that? is there any opensource platform that does the same as a meetup?

I live near Laim so it’s near everything in the city of munich. And I plan to focus on kde-utils, for the first weekend (06.oct to 07.oct)

We can also organize a Telegram / Matrix / Whatever group. If you are interested send me an e-mail with your contact info to tcanabrava at and force me to speak in german. 🙂


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