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Some seeds take a while to grow, and what a while. I’v met Karina Mochetti five years ago when I moved to Campinas, back then I had just started working at Intel and I had finished one of my most glorious software developer tasks, good subversive terrorist that I’m, I made Linus Torvalds program in C++ and talking with a friend that lives in Rio de Janeiro I heard “I have a programmer friend in Campinas, wanna meet?”, well, yes, always.


Then I met Karina, a really shy programmer about her habilities, finishing her doctors in Cryptography and Quantum Computers, and I was like “wow, and you feel that you don’t have habilities?”, I’v shown her some stuff that I work on, she regozijed. And time passed. I moved to a really welcoming place with lots of culture, arts, craft, programmers called Munich, and she moved to a really welcoming place with lots of culture, arts, craft, programmers called Niteroi. We lost contact.

Untill we got contact again a few months ago, and we talked about a ~partnership~ between KDE and UFF, the  Unversity that she’s now a professor, and now I can say: We have 9 students from the Fluminense Federal University working on 5 applications from kde-edu.

First we have two students that are almost finishing the university and choosed to work on KDE software for their Projects:


Lukas is already working on Minuet and plans to have code for understanding sounds and giving you the note that you played, This can really boost Minuet’s hability to teach music theory as it can discover when you got it wrong.

Carlos is taking a go in Kalzium and trying to fix bugs, modernizing it’s codebase and trying to improve avogrado integration.


He’s a computer scientist that loves movies, food and cold nights. Has a hate/love relationship with computers since childhood and is clumsy as a panda. Eager to do things that will actually matter to the world in general.

Edoarda and Hugo are tackling Kiten, trying to rethink it’s user interface for the modern user keeping mobile and desktop in mind. it’s not a easy task as kitten has many powerfull features hidden behind a really clean interface.

Luan and Fernando are reviving my Pet Project, Rocs, a Graph Theory teaching tool that for many years was maintained by me and Wagner Reck, later by Andreas Cord-Landwehr. It’s really good to see an University taking that project again.

Joao and Marcelo are working in KTurtle with the blessing of the KTurtle ex maintainers, they are full of energy and ideas.

Karina Mochetti




2 Responses to “New Life to KDE – Edu

  • Andreas Kainz
    2 months ago

    Congratulations. If you need something the VDG is full of people to support your energy.

  • Mauricio Piacentini
    2 months ago

    Nice report and good luck to all! I have worked on Kturtle and other edu apps in the past, and it is nice to see new blood pumped into these apps.

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