Continuous Work on Konsole

Half a month ago when I landed my patch that replaced the old Konsole tabbar with a newer QTabWidget approach, I made a lot of people unhappy, but a lot of people happy too. And I want to make more people happy by fixing the issues I created.

Now, Whenever code is changed there’s a possibility of new bugs arriving and there’s nothing wrong with that. The wrong thing (and that happens a few times with any software) is ignoring the bugs and pretending that they don’t exist.

I have five patches on phabricator right now that will close all of the bugs I created and maybe a few more, please test, try, review. I’m only human and I can create more problems than I’m trying to solve. Also remember to be kind in comments for this is not my work, but my hobby, and a happy developer is a developer that contributes with code.

The reviews in question:

I would also thanks Lukas Bergdoll, a work colleague, that joined me for this mini Konsole Hackaton at my house, and produced his first two patches:

4 Responses to “Continuous Work on Konsole

  • Thanks for all the work you are doing on Konsole! It’s much appreciated!

  • Awesome. How easy dod you find it to get into developing Konsole? I wanted to start having a look at adding some features so that it can replace Yakuake since development there seems to have slowed down/stopped.

    • tcanabrava
      2 months ago

      Yakuake uses konsole, so I wouldn’t say that. anything that you insert in konsole can already be used in yakuake. for instance, the search bar in yakuake now is the searchbar I added for the previous version in konsole.

      The codebase is quite sane, but old. and sometimes you hit something that looks like Qt2 that was never properly rewritten, that’s my focus now, modernize the codebase.

      • The think in Yakuake that started me looking at this was that opening a new split or tab doesn’t use the same working directory even when it has been configured to do so. I figured I could either look at fixing that or update Konsole to support the quake style dropdown.

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