Interview with Andre of Vida de Suporte (Helpdesk’s Life)

­Tomaz>  How do you feel about representing Brazilian’s technical comics at Akademy?

Andre> Like a soccer player representing their National Team in Wolrd Cup. But without the fortune, the supermodels and the fancy cars. But, seriouly, I was very surprised by the invitation and right now I feel extremely flattered. It is a rewarding recognition.

Tomaz> Can people approach you to ask for a cartoon at Akademy?

Andre>  Yes, absolutely! As long as they don’t ask for a cartoon of them naked!

Tomaz> What do you think of KDE’s drawing programs?

Andre> Krita is light, relatively easy to use and its features helps artists be more efficient.

Tomaz> MS Paint or Krita?

Andre> Krita. Krita has a lot more features. It’s a professional tool.

Tomaz> Corel or Inkscape?

Andre> I have always used Corel and I’m the kind of guy averse to changes (I still draw CRT monitors in my comics)… But I promise I will try Inkscape!

Tomaz> How would you portray KDE in your comic’s world?

Andre> Your systems and free software were always a constant subject in my strips. After all, they have a fundamental role in the lives of those working with IT.

Tomaz> Have you ever tried Salmiakki?

Andre> I’ve never seen it, eaten it, or even heard of it. Will you guys have it at Akademy?

­Tomaz> There are big names of in the world of techcnical comics, Dilbert and XKCD are just two. You are one of the most popular names in Brazil. How would you compare your work with those of others?

Andre> I am a fan and have been influenced by Scott Adams and Randall Munroe. They are a big source of inspiration for my work. I wouldn’t dare compare myself with them, though… Well, maybe in the visual style of the strips, since my drawings, like theirs, has very simple lines.

Tomaz>  How do you think users will react when they use Plasma for the first time?

Andre>  “Hello. Is this tech-support? I can’t find Internet Explorer!”

Tomaz> And Gerson’s reaction?

Andre>  If he doesn’t chew up the keyboard it means he liked it.


And this is Andre, if you spot him at Akademy, hug him and ask for your cartoon.

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