From nothing to Top 20 Contributors of Konsole in less than a Month

The title seems to be a bit bragging but it’s actually the opposite, KDE is a team of volunteers that work for free on their spare time to create awesomeness, and there’s not a single person being paid by the KDE e.V to work on KDE. Of course there are companies that hire developers to work for kde related software, but those are third parties and unrelated to how KDE software is developed as a whole, for instance I work as a developer in a Fintech that has *nothing* to do related do KDE.

And we need contributors, we need new contributors to submit new code, we need old contributors to stick around and review new code. I think most of the readers of Planet KDE read my last few posts about the changes that I’m doing for Konsole, and now that I said that I’m in the Top 20 contributors how many commits do you think I’v managed to add to it?

Less than the reality as arc ate around 10 commits, but see:

  • 1543 Kurt Hindenburg
  • 946 Jekyll Wu
  • 735 Robert Knight
  • 382 Script Kiddy
  • 341 Stephan Binner
  • 265 Waldo Bastian
  • 217 l10n daemon script
  • 201 Lars Doelle
  • 181 Stephan Kulow
  • 120 Laurent Montel
  • 119 David Faure
  • 79 Martin T. H. Sandsmark
  • 69 Albert Astals Cid
  • 66 Dirk Mueller
  • 41 Chris Machemer
  • 38 Montel Laurent
  • 33 Lotzi Boloni
  • 31 Tomaz Canabrava

31 commits was all that it took to be in the 18th position of most commits, and this is *too low*, from the commit count it’s clear that Kur Hindenburg did and still does most of the work for konsole, there’s a few developers with more than 100 commits and *tons* of developers with 1 or 2 commits. Now, if you read till here and you are a University Teacher try to take a look into our bugtracker, choose a few easy to fix bugs for your students and use this as a classroom exercice on real software, and if you are a student and your teacher is open to it, Try to fix easy bugs in any opensource project that you use, We need more people developing, We need more universities joining free software, We need more students experimenting and sending code. 31 commits is too little to be in the top 20, this only means that too little people are contributing from outside of the project, help me change that.

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