(Request) 3D Konqui Model

People from the internets, unite.

A long time ago Konqui was a bit different than what it is today, you know – people evolve, and mascotts too.I think everyone here remembers the Huge konqui custume that I did for the brazilian conventions, it was the most amazing konqui costume ever but he’s resting in peace now, retired in a theather school.

I also did some Buttons with brazilian themes in the past:

And I think all you know about atelier, the software that I, Chris, Patrick and Lays work for 3d printing. But we are missing a Konqui to print and I cannot be complete without one. There’s no current-looking konqui as a 3d mesh anywhere that I looked. If you are a 3D artist and you like free software, KDE or you just like cute dragons please consider creating a konqui model for us to test atelier with. I promess to print one live at Akademy and sign with every developer before sending to your address as a gift, a lowpoly and a highpoly version would be awesome.

If you would like to do that, please get in contact with me here in the comments or in the reddit thread.

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  • There’s http://www.kde.org/stuff/clipart/konqi-blender-source.tar.bz2 is that good enough? I guess it would need modifying as you can’t have flying eyebrows on a 3d printed thing 😀

    • tcanabrava
      5 months ago

      Unfortunately that’s the old model, the new konqui is so different than this one that I can’t use to promote KDE using it.

  • SuperTuxKart has one. https://sourceforge.net/p/supertuxkart/code/HEAD/tree/media/trunk/karts/konqi

    In Blender format, but you can export it to STL or something.

  • Hi, I’m Tyson Tan, the designer of the current Konqi. I don’t know how to do 3D model at this moment, but I do want to acquire this skill. Can you tell me about the following information: 1) when do you need the model ready; 2) what’s file format Atelier uses. If time is limited, I can either contact a few 3D artists I know to see if they are willing to do it. Or if time permits, I can just try to learn to do this in Blender and make the 3D model myself.

    P.S. If you are looking, I can design a mascot for Atelier for free, too! 🙂

    • tcanabrava
      5 months ago

      Hey Tyson! Thanks for getting in contact.
      I need it for Akademy (aug 11 – 17) so I can live print it in Atelier there.
      I would love a mascott too o/
      The format atelier uses ig gcode, it’s a specific format for 3d printing and you don’t need to do it in that format. you can safely do in blender and I export to stl, then I use a slicer (to transform the 3d figure in a set of 3d layers) to transfor it into gcode.

      • OK, thank you for the info. I have 1 month or so, and I guess I can make it.

        As for Atelier’s mascot, please email me at tysontan@mail.com for further discussion. To start the conversation, I would like to know what animal you want the mascot to base on, and the main color(s) or your choice.

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