Updates on the KActionRunner thinkering.

First I would like to answer a few questions that I had on my latest entry:

1 – KActionRunner is *not* a unified-menu, and it does not tries to be. It shouldn’t be used to display the menu of the application in a unified way.

2 – Somebody told me that this looked like the Eclipse “Quick Access” feature, and that’s exactly what this is.

Changes in the code currently on my machine, *not merged yet*:

  • Enabled in every K-App that uses KXmlGui
  • ctrl + alt + space triggers the Action Runner
  • Search for the action you wanna trigger
  • Trigger it.

Obligatory Screenshoot running on KDevelop:

I certainly need to iron out a few things before trying to merge this, so I’m not doing a review again this soon (my older review was shut down pretty fast 😉

  • Prettier delegate displaying more information about the Action
  • Display the list of actions when you type (currently it completes inline)
  • don’t crash on exit

I’m using it on all my KDE applications locally and this is starting to behave the way I want.


2 Responses to “Updates on the KActionRunner thinkering.

  • Matt Kay
    10 months ago

    Oh nice! 🙂 would be very cool to see this merged to the next KDE applications release!!!

    Btw: quick access checks also setting tabs for a match

  • Bill Sun
    4 months ago

    Anymore updates on this? Would be a very useful productivity feature, especially when integrated with krunner for a consistent interface, but perhaps with a different shortcut for a more direct and clutter-free access.

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