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Sometimes I create a small widget for my own usecase and never blog about it, but this one I think it should be pushed upstream. It’s a small KComboBox that uses a KActionCollection based model to display *all* of the actionCollection’s actions.

The use case for me is really straigth forward – a lot of applications have *tons* of menu / toolbar options, sometimes none of them is visible to the user (unless the user knows where to look at), sometimes the user knows that something exists but cannot find it because the menus are huge, but he remembers the name, or parts of it. I know that this is true for me regarding Kate and the amount of possible programming languages it suports:

My idea is simple: if it’s easy for us to search for thousands of applications using a search line, it should also be fine to do the same thing for the possible actions on any application. thus, KActionRunner was programmed (in about an hour, so lot’s of bugs should still be there.)

The same rules apply for all software, default should be simple, but powerfull when required, and I do think this widget adds both things: it will still keep the defaults clean and it will make more power actions more easily discoverable.

I’ll also change the Delegate to make it more friendly to this post win98 era, but for now that’s what I have.

The code is currently in review, and I do belive that in it’s current state it will not pass ;), but it’s a Wip, and a Wip is for that. if there’s enougth love for that idea I’ll polish it.

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  • The idea seems really cool and useful. Congrats! =)

  • Neat!

    But wait a sec, if this feature could somehow be exported, so krunner could be aware of it for the active application, would it be any different from Ubuntu’s HUD?

    • tcanabrava
      10 months ago

      So, Just read more about hud, and the answer now is *no*, this is not like hud at all. Hud looks for appmenu to find a *menu oriented* export via dbus, My approach is completely different as I also export *all* of the hidden options that no meny and no toolbar is showing at the moment.

      • I didn’t mean it to be identical as a feature or implementation, but sort of similar in philosophy (just talking from a user point of view). In any case I wasn’t trying to undervalue the feature and your approach… It’s pretty nice, and if it could be somehow exported to krunner, it would be so awesome!

        • tcanabrava
          10 months ago

          I would love to – that would require a bit of thinking from my part as I have no idea how they do that currently (I know that’s doable, thougth. – sorry if I sounded rougth on the answer, I just wanted to emphacise. 🙂

  • tcanabrava
    10 months ago

    I didn’t heard about hud before, but from the little I could read now about it, then yes, if somehow this could be exported to krunner then it would be the same. I’m researching on how to do that.

  • Awsome, are you gonna publish some code on github?

  • Great idea, was looking for something like this on KDE.
    I would be really happy if this finds its way into Standart KDE:)
    It could be really usefull in some cases…

  • This looks really cool!

  • Matt Kay
    10 months ago

    Awesome! In my opinion, this resembles strongly to the Quick Access feature from Eclipse. Would be great to See it in KDE apps.


  • mcorteel
    10 months ago

    I think I read about an idea like that a few years ago.
    Loved it then, love it now!

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